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Always on her grind, this free-spirited Canadian can now be heard as the seductive Green M&M– notably the first female of the mix.Many moons ago I had the chance to sit down with Cree in her beautiful kitchen, which looked out onto her huge rainforest like backyard in Sherman Oaks, California.Sitting in her sunny dining area sipping lemon tea and looking out onto the backyard that resembles a Brazilian rainforest, Honey Brown shares with me her blues and her revelations. First we wanted to have a poetry circle because we write poetry and we going around to these little fuckin’ coffee shops where they have poetry nights—open mic nights. You’d be surprised how many sisters don’t even know what their yoni is. Maybe you’ll here about some cootchie in a rap song… I got time to be blue and to really indulge and time to meet a part of myself that I probably would not have looked at if I hadn’t experienced that loss.Coming full circle professionally and personally, she’s completing voiceover work for two movie characters and just recently shot a pilot for a new television show and is even writing songs for a new album. Well I came here when I was 18 from Toronto, Canada. And we noticed there wasn’t a lot of listening going on. And it was like who can be better then the next poet. CS: (laughing) When you’re just someone’s homey, never sophisticated yoni! which is all a sham and an illusion cause there is no such thing. I got to drink a lot and just went into heavy indulgence for about a year. But the best part about the sadness was I met my shadow side which does feel victimized, which does say, ‘oh poor me. t H: So it was a really good thing for you both personally and professionally. I do believe that the music born out of this—not outta the pain—out of the gratitude, will be powerful and better than ever.Debbie said let’s do it again because we had some lighting problems. I kind of climbed into the bed away from him at first. Of all the times I wanted to meet the real Denzel, that’s how I met him. It gave me that feeling that I was doing more than doing sitcom stuff. As much as that could have been sticky, they were so in love with each, it was never an issue. I think they’d have a son and he’d be in early adulthood. GUY: I still talk to Cree [Summer], Kadeem [Hardison], Debbie [Allen] and I’ve worked with Lou Myers. ESSENCE.com: Jasmine, since the show ended you’ve done more acting, dancing, producing, directing and you’ve even done music. GUY: I went to back to theater because there were some things I really wanted for myself as an artist. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities as a director.I go to do it again and this time I really rev it up. [Laughs] HARDISON: My favorite episode is easily “The Cat's in the Cradle.” We went to another school and we didn’t tell two sides of the story. They locked us up in jail with a white dude and we wanted to kill each other. ESSENCE.com: Kadeem, was it awkward being Jasmine's love interest even though you were dating Cree Summer during the show? Dominic [Hoffman], Jasmine’s boyfriend at the time, did some spots on the show. Good God, if you thought me and Darryl were close, he and Jasmine were inseparable. ESSENCE.com: In the last episode we learn Dwayne and Whitley are expecting their first child. I think Whitley would still be trying to make Dwayne the man she wanted for her status in society. I see Glynn Turman a lot because he does a lot of theater. He and I have always, from the day we met, argued over our knowledge of sports.

From her characterization of Suzie Carmichael on the Rugrats to being the voice of Princess Kida in Disney’s Atlantis, Cree at 33 is still bringing home the bacon big time. And when I moved here I met Lisa Bonet and we fell instantly in love and started a very, productive, creative friendship. t H: Yeah especially about their sexual, sensual parts of their being.

We talked about music, men, sensuality, fear, the blues, poetry, pirates and yonis. I know she is a fantastic mom because she was all about nurturing and enriching our Mother Spirits even back then.

I am still holding out, admittedly foolishly so, that she will make another CD and tour again.

Fast forward 25 years and Whitley Gilbert, Dwayne Wayne, Denise Huxtable and rest of the gang are still fan favorites.

caught up Jasmine Guy, who played southern belle and upper-crust debutant Whitley, and Kadeem Hardison, who played the likable math wiz from Brooklyn Dwayne. Making sure that Whitley was as believable as possible. I felt that we were relevant for the times, but I really had no idea the show would last this long and that it would have that kind of impact on kids going to school.

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