Updating interior doors Web cam sex jakarta

To make a change that goes beyond (and before) painting, add some texture to your doors with the additional of some light architectural details.

You don’t have to be content with hollow slab doors, when you can give them a DIY facelift.

Simply give your existing hardware an update with a shot of primer and metal-specific paint.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the prospect of a do-it-yourself project.

Add in the primer, paint, adhesive and spray paint and it was still less than half the cost of ONE new, solid wood door and I got FOUR new looking doors & a mini hallway makeover!

It isn’t often that homeowners think about their interior doors.

When the doors are closed it looks like a dark, 1970s nightmare.

My first floor is pretty open and the hallway is visible from most rooms so there is no escaping it.

Pair that new colour with new or refreshed hardware and you’ll have a whole new look, with little effort.

I sketched the panel design on each door with a chalk pen, keeping the measurements the same for each door so they would look uniform. I had been trying to cover the doors using just a paint brush and was disappointed with all the brush marks, but the sponger roller gave great, smooth coverage.

The doors looked so pretty, I decided the whole hallway needed a makeover to match!

The doors would be improved with just a coat of paint, but I wanted to go the extra step and add some character.

I purchased some thin, unfinished wood moulding to make fake “paneling” for each door.

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