Updating aol database consolidating and refinancing student loans

For customers who migrate their email addresses to a new provider, you might experience issues with bounce codes.

Unfortunately, ISPs don’t all send back the same bounce and error codes.

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If you just broke out into cold sweats, there are some things you can do to guide your customers through this transition, hopefully retain all their profile data, and ultimately remain connected.

So before that happens, your customers will have three options for how to handle their email accounts: Big problem here.This might seem obvious, but make sure you alter your email signup or login message to notify new customers that they shouldn’t sign up using a address.Even if you can communicate with your customers via email, there could still be disruptions during the transition period.It’s always a good idea to establish alternative ways to get in touch with customers, but it’s more critical when massive changes within an ESP affect 4.5 million accounts.Use this opportunity as a reason to talk directly with impacted customers.

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