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The Noble took 5 hours to hit the village, 5 hours to travel back, 5 hours back to the village and so on until finally this happened…

Another 10 hour trip and finally the village was mine! It’s going to be more of the same, hey I may even get in to the mix and look to take over another player village!

To do this you'll need to farm the villages around you, basically you'll attack them (which is why good defense is a plus, in case they attack back) and your troops will bring you back resources if they're successful.

1) Upgrade your Timber camp and Clay pit to level 20 2) Upgrade your Iron mine and warehouse to level 18 3) Build more defensive troops 4) Upgrade your Village HQ to level 10 5) Upgrade your smithy to level 5 6) Build a stable and upgrade it to level 3 7) Research scouts and light cavalry 8) Build 100 scouts and start scouting the villages around you with about 20 scouts each so you leave at least 60 scouts at home 9) Build 35 light cavalry and start attacking the villages you scouted with very little troops 10) Build more cavalry with the resources you farm from other villages 11) Build your wall up to level 15 with the resources your village makes Your villages should look like this at 1000 points: Village HQ: 10 Barracks: 10 Stables: 3 Smithy: 5 Market: 1 Timber Camp: 20 Clay Pit: 20 Iron Mine: 18 Farm: 16 Warehouse: 18 Hiding Place: 4 Wall: 15 So far you've built your defense and learned how to gather even more resources then your village alone can generate, now it's time for you to prepare for warfare and build up your resources so that you have a stable income.

Quickly calculate travel times between two villages.

View morale from a different player’s point of view (use "Set main" to set the correct player).8 highlight modes to highlight villages by different criteria: "Normal", "Activity", "Points", "Conquer", "Growth", "Attack", "Defend", "Tribeless".

Ponad 100 unikatowych mozliwosci pomocnych podczas kazdej czesci rozgrywki na Plemionach. Main features: Highlight villages, players and tribes with an easy to use interface.

The good thing about the Casual World is that you drag your last village over from the World you were conquered on.

So I started with a 2000 point village, earning good resources each hour.

I really appreciate any response, any comment and if you do want to catch me ingame, feel free to message “Dinny” ingame.

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