Sophos not auto updating

CVE-2012-0773 is also fixed in this release and addresses another memory corruption bug that can result in remote code execution on all Flash Player platforms.

When I checked the Sophos it was blocking the running of the new installer.

Has anyone else had issues over the past day with Sophos not updating?

Yesterday I had two computers at the stake that showed the red "x" on the shield indicating that it had failed the update.

Have no other similar issues when doing things in the FHC environment, like updating Family Insight or similar software Even updates to Flash, Windows, etc., do not hog the connection like Sophos does.

I've had this happen, usually because either you have a lot of computers to update at once, which is rare in clerk settings, or because of some hiccup in the DSL service however brief, breaking the connection during the update.

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