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ICSE is the International Child Sexual Exploitation image database.

Available to specialized investigators in our member countries, it uses sophisticated image comparison software to make connections between victims and places.

They analyse all data that can be drawn from the images in order to amass clues, identify any overlap in cases, and combine their efforts.

The ICSE platform also provides a forum for police to request immediate checking of information and therefore enabling swift action.

Investigations often have an international dimension, requiring input from multiple countries across different continents.

The ICSE database allows investigators to upload material from their national databases, to compare against international records.

A third version will soon be released which will include innovative technologies such as video analysis and camera identification.

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Child abuse material (CAM) is the term used to refer to the photos or videos taken by an offender, documenting the sexual abuse of a child. This is not appropriate when describing images of sexual abuse of children.

A sexual image of a child is ‘abuse’ or ‘exploitation’ and should never be described as ‘pornography’.

As of October 2016, a total of 49 countries were connected to the ICSE database, plus Europol (the European Union’s law enforcement agency). Since its creation, more than 10,000 victims have been identified through the database and removed from harm. Given that the images recorded in the ICSE database form solid evidence, police and judiciary are able to build strong cases for prosecution.

The database has evolved significantly since its inception in 2001 (when it was known as ICAID), and continues to be developed in line with new technology and demand from investigators.

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