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Carefully applied duct tape is a temporary fix, but once the first tear occurs, the end of the relationship is always near.The heavier, more lifelike dolls are expensive and bring their own set of complications.Unregulated and cheaper knock-off designs could place users at risk. Come January, the “Westworld” concept of lifelike sex robots will get one step closer.

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Rogue code execution on Linda’s Neural Net CPU could leave me vulnerable for physical injury or harm.Fox implied that anyone buying such a robot from an established, reputable manufacturer is in no real danger.Undoubtedly, someone in the near future will elect to save a few hundred bucks and order their own Linda from an Alibaba reseller.She never eats much, so there are always leftovers to bring home in the doggie bag!The problem with my Lindas is that after I bring them home I often get careless in the heat of the moment and lay on them too hard or take the choking overboard and then they deflate.

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