Dating gerstner tool chests

Remember buying my first Kennedy carpenters tool box with the slot for the framing square to stick out and a spot for 2hand saws, until then I just had a homemade box. I think that he probably kept things neater than I do.I think that one of the cool things about these toolboxes is that they use sheet metal for the drawer bottoms.Identifying an old chest of drawers involves looking at the condition of the piece, as well as other factors.This information can help you decide whether you have an antique, a collectible piece manufactured by a popular designer, a reproduction or simply an old chest of drawers.These seem to be real heirloom pieces and I gather some have been handed down through generations, others picked up for a song at antiques auctions or yard sales and yet others have been extremely generous gifts for some very spoiled recipients. She took me into a back room (her demised husbands SPACE). I went to a garage sale with my wife, asked the lady if she had any tools.(I have collected swords from around the world pretty much for that reason, which you may think strange, but the ones that I collect I do so imagining the owner/s that would have handled them and what their lives would have been like, where they came from and what happened to them.) We have what we call daily "toolbox meetings" in workshops here, over the first morning coffee before starting work.

It is pretty far down on the priority list for now. And a wooden box protects precision tools from dampness just a little better than a steel box. Both are used now for fly-tying equipment, one by my grandson, and one by myself.And Paul's dad arriving back at work after loosing their house and trying to pick up the pieces ......I bought a old shipwrights tool box at a garage sale, homemade and crude but some how I enjoy looking at it and ponder the memories the fellow might have had,l could not bear seeing it destroyed, I.Dad had sold his shop in the mid 70's when he went to work for a larger shop as an executive. Occasionally he'd bring home some little doohickey that had to be scraped because it was a couple thousandths off. As a matter of fact, other than a few books and some tools and some guns, the chest is all I've got. She took me into a back room (her demised husbands SPACE).He then sold his machine tools including his benches with the Emmert vices. He'd lined the lid of the box with family photos etc. I have #92 top and drawer bottom machinists boxes in oak. (there is a cheap version available these days that bears no resemblance to the originals - beware) years ago, you could just drop in at the factory, and take a tour. I have a friend who collects antique fishing lures, and stores them in these boxes. There was a cherry Gerstner machinists box full of Starritt top of the line machinist tools. I just couldn't lie to her, I didn't have the bucks at the time and I had duplicates of all the tools except the box.

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