Cypriot dating uk

It is time to end the charade that negotiated agreement to unite the island with a “bizonal, bicommunal” government will ever be possible.

The solution is to partition the island and give international recognition to the Turkish-Cypriot state in the north.

The status quo for the south is simply too comfortable.

So, whatever its terms, will the next, and the next.If the quid pro quohad been EU membership, a deal in my view would have been agreed.But absent that, the reality is that however well intentioned, no Greek-Cypriot leader will ever be able to get their electorate behind a deal.Here’s why: Turkey invaded Cyprus in late July 1974.But that was a reaction to a coup d’étât by Greece (run then by a far-right military junta) and elements of the Cyprus National Guard in early July 1974 which ousted the elected, Greek-Cypriot President Makarios, who narrowly escaped the plotters with his life.

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