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Scroll down for more..."These statistics - including how much lost mail is the result of dishonest postal workers - should be more readily available if the 'slimming down' of our postal service is to have any credibility."Clearly delivery offices are stretched as Royal Mail tries to reduce operating costs."But there is a difference between running efficiently and allowing the reliability and integrity of mail delivery to fall apart at the seams." Royal Mail pays out more than £1million a month in compensation to customers over failures in its services, including huge claims for stolen, lost and damaged items.The men and women of the Maricopa Community Colleges Department of Public Safety are dedicated individuals who are committed to making a difference and supporting the educational mission of Mesa Community College.If you are the victim of a crime I encourage you to report it, plus any suspicious activity you observe on campus, to the MCCCD Department of Public Safety.

The following year Lisa Harvey, 31, of Plymouth, was charged with stealing 100,000 pieces of mail.

In the past, Postwatch has accused Royal Mail of 'cheating' customers by failing to pay proper compensation.

The organisation received complaints and compensation claims for some 651,582 lost items in the 2006/07 financial year, yet paid out on only 311,005.

However, experts believe the true scale of the problem could be much greater.

Royal Mail is bombarded with complaints from customers who have not received deliveries they are expecting, from valuable mail order goods to birthday cards containing cash.

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