Balkanske sex camere

She gives viewers the space to contemplate the many varieties of longing — for home, for family, for sex, for love — that Hana is experiencing.

At a certain point, Hana begins accompanying her niece to a local swimming pool, where two sequences in particular linger poignantly in the memory.

In the process, she plays meaningfully with the idea that identity is as much a social and psychological construct as it is a physical reality.

The story begins in a cold, remote stretch of northern Albania that has long been governed by a strict set of codes known as the Kanun.

Kako se pisalo, Leka je za sebe zadržavao dvadesetak najljepših, koje je nudio klijentima u svom baru “Ekspreso”.

The silence that hangs between them now is interrupted by a stream of impudent questions from Lila's teenage daughter, Jonida (Emily Ferratello), reacting with both distrust and curiosity to the arrival of an uncle she never knew.

"Sworn Virgin," Laura Bispuri's subdued and intimate debut feature, follows a young woman who has availed herself of a centuries-old Balkan tradition to live as a man.

You could say the movie arrives at a fortuitous moment, given that transgender stories and experiences have never been more culturally front and center.

Under these laws, a woman may choose to cast off the social constraints of her sex and enjoy the pleasures and privileges of manhood (drinking , operating a firearm) with one crucial exception: The transformation calls for a vow of lifelong chastity.

None of this is immediately clear when we first meet Mark (Rohrwacher), roughhousing with other men and a particularly energetic goat in the mountains (stunningly shot by cinematographer Vladan Radovic).

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