Backdating scandal

We then ask if affiliation with dominant audit and legal services firms ameliorates or exacerbates those investor market reactions.We find that firms linked to the scandalized firms also face negative reactions, which are worsened when they also are serviced by professional services firms who are themselves are also linked to the managerial practice.Many privately held companies rely on an HM Revenue and Customs-agreed valuation to fix a market value option price, typically for Enterprise Management Incentive ("EMI") option.These HMRC agreed valuations usually remain valid for 30 days only.Reyes is the first executive to go on trial, though others have settled cases with US financial regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission and paid not only fines, but millions of dollars of 'ill gotten gains' in some cases. The simple answer is that the practice has not taken hold because of the quality of UK regulation.

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If the price has risen in that time you can buy the share at the option price, sell it and pocket the profit.

When they don't they simply adopt the stock exchange's own rules.

These rules say that options can't be granted when executives have access to unpublished price-sensitive information.

We examine market reactions to the stock options backdating scandal in a slightly unusual way, but focusing on firms who were not perceived to have had a backdating concern, but were instead linked to firms who did have a backdating concern.

These linkages can be found via board interlocks and the roles those directors perform.

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